Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life is full of challenges

I almost felt helpless today as my hubby headed for another of his business trip for the whole week. That left me to be the sole caregiver. Well, theoretically, I have always been playing that role but somehow, the thought that he will not within close proximity made me uneasy. The burden somehow weighs even heavier as this period is where my workload is the heaviest as well.

Then I received an email from a friend who shared with me the difficulties that many others are facing but yet, they persevere and remain optimistic. Then another who tell me that by not preparing is to prepare to failure. Both are unaware of my predicament.

I suppose for many, life is always full of challenges. And I quickly snap out of my self-pity mode and decide to face this challenge gladly. I have read about a cancer survivor that her motivation to fight cancer tenaciously, is not to dwell on the dark days but to think about the joy of tomorrow. I choose to believe that everything in life happens for a purpose. This is a test for me and when it's over I will be more capable. Tomorrow will be better because I work towards it.

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