Saturday, April 12, 2014

Family Adventure Walk@Gardens By the Bay

It was an overcast morning and I would loved to stay in bed if not for the event at Gardens By the Bay. I have signed up to participate in the Family Adventure Walk together with P some weeks ago.

Like clockwork, we mechanically packed our bags and headed out. Rain or no rain, the show had to go on.

Strangely, there was some trepidation as this was the first time that we participated in a somewhat mass event. However we quickly made new friends. 

The event was designed for the parents and children to learn more about each other. There were 4 stations. Each having a lesson to teach us. One at the colonial garden where we took time to plan a family activity. Another at the Chinese garden where we learnt about the different love languages - service, spending time etc. We also had a mini quiz on how much we know about each other. We took time out to have a family picture too with a Polaroid little photo as keepsake.

When we had completed our stations, it was time to let our creative juice flow. Working with P as a team, we created our very own memorabilia.

This is one beautiful memory which we would remember deep in our hearts.

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