Monday, March 17, 2014

Oblivious Ocean Park

"Please stand behind the line." The commanding voice of the train marshall was loud and clear.
We were wondering why the MTR to Admiralty was packed to the brim until it struck us that it was 10 minutes to 9 am on Monday. We were jostling with the office crowd in the MTR!

Thereafter we continued our journey to Ocean Park via bus. On board the bus, we were treated to the scene of the busy street roads. Look the electric bus!

When we reached Ocean Park, we realised that the park would only open at 10.30 am. With much time to while away, we took photos of the surroundings.

From the hoardings and signboards, it would appear that Ocean Park would soon be accessible by MTR. 

There were exhibits outside true to Ocean Park's environmental theme.

Ocean Park was a mishmash of stuff. Meet the pandas and monkeys.

There were the Emerald trail, animal performances, game carnival and thrill rides. However, in my opinion, Disneyland was definitely better. For a theme park, I would prefer a defined focus.

In terms of food, Ocean Park did this right. Presenting the panda custard buns...

My younger boy simply loved taking photos with the mascots.

One thing that Ocean Park stood out was its sea creatures, which was unfortunately diluted by the other misfitting concepts added on. I thought the Old Hong Kong Street stood out like a sore thumb.

After a relaxing day, we took City Bus 629 again to Central. Tonight we managed to dine in Maxim's Palace...

The food here was great. Well worth the trip!

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