Saturday, March 15, 2014

In Hong Kong in Search of Good Food

Greetings from Hong Kong, my dear readers.

Weather here is a cooling 16-18 degree celicus. My family used to stay at Metropark Hotel at Lai Chi Kok for the longest time. However with my two boys growing up fast, I will need a bigger space yet one that is friendly to my pocket. So this time round I cast my net for accommodation wider to include service apartments. Whoah here we are staying at Chi Residence.

I am quite happy with the apartment size at around 650 sq ft. It is a 1-bedroom unit with kitchen, living room with sofa, TV, DVD player and a single bed setup. The fittings and appliances are pretty new and in tiptop working conditions. The staff are also very friendly and helpful. Security is also good as we will need the access card in addition to the room key to get up to our unit.

Anyway back to my sightseeing. Today we headed down to the Avenue of Stars. The skyline of Hong Kong has remained enchanting. The cultural centre has also seemed more vibrant than yesteryear. 

Thereafter we started our journey, well in search of good food. My dear friends have shared with food not to miss when in Hong Kong. Today, we were determined to check out Maxim's Palace City hall. 

We took a longer than usual route before we arrived at City Hall. Our exhaustion turned exhilaration when we saw the restaurant.

We hastened our food steps and were eager to order our food. However the menu turned out to be western dishes. Perturbed I asked the server if it was because they only served dimsum in the day time. To our amusement, we were in the wrong restaurant.

Our zeal for good food saw us apologising profusely for the mistake as we made our way out to Maxim's Palace which was one level up. However, the full house banner greeted us. The restaurant was fully booked for an event to celebrate International Women's Day on 3 Mar.

We then decided to try Tim Ho Wan and we saw the following...

Undeterred, we paced further up and our perseverance was rewarded.

By then we were hungry and exhausted. Our hearts sank when we saw the queue. Our attention was quickly turned to the Itacho. 

And yes, we had a hearty dinner there.


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