Monday, March 17, 2014

Flight to Fantasy in Disneyland

We woke up at around 9 am and enjoyed the city view of Hong Kong. We had real views compared to the curtains that opened up to face another wall. At a high floor, we enjoyed a quiet night too.

We revisited Disneyland and were transported to our childhood days again. The journey itself had us looking forward to our adventure. That was a great marketing move by Disney.

With all the anticipation, the travelling time whizzed by and we were thrilled when we arrived at the park.

Star attraction for my younger boy was the photo shoot with his idol, Phuto. Just look at his contented expression!

I was also having fun goofing around while my elder boy was trying to shadow me.

The various attractions that we revisited did not disappoint. Hey, this is Disneyland. We expect no less.

And I definitely had great bonding time with my family.

Some new attractions, at least to me were the Grizzly Gulch - thrill ride with mining theme, Mystic Manor - quite family friendly ride along the supernatural theme, Toyland - after the crazily successful runs of Toy Story with more thrilling rides, and It's a Small World - quite mild rides.

I still enjoyed the parade which featured an ensemble of different characters marching around the park. At the halfway point, the crew had asked for child volunteers to dance along. 

And of course, my all-time-favourite - the night time firework. To me, Disneyland fireworks was the best, not to be missed and should be watched live!

It was such a magical day!

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