Friday, August 3, 2012


Today, I shall do a stock-take of my Toastmasters’ Journey.
I joined my club in 2008 as I wanted to improve my public speaking skills. Improved I did and with progress that amazed me. Having met my objective alongside with new and heavy responsibilities at work and family, Toastmaster took a backseat in my life sometime in 2010. There was a point in time when the thought of leaving the organisation crossed my mind. But something stopped me. Deep within me, I believe strongly in the Toastmasters’ programme. It works! More than that, it gives meaning to my life and it transforms me. It makes me into a better and happy person.
While I have some successes to deal with the responsibilities, new challenges seem to be always be on their way. I have decided to stop procrastination and to take an active role to put Toastmaster back in my life. I do this for myself because I know it will better prepare me to navigate the sharp bends in life safely and soundly.
My dear readers, wish me luck J

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