Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Smashing Humorous and Evaluation Contest

Last Saturday, I have attended Kampong Ubi CC Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest. I have a smashing good time!
There were 7 engaging humorous speeches and 7 enriching evaluations all in one fun-packed afternoon meeting. As I was one of the 7 contestants, I had butterflies in my stomach. It persisted for a few days especially when my boys were so supportive of me taking part and hoped that I could bring in a trophy.
I woke up on 25 Aug 2012 morning. The gentle morning light shone through the window. It was the day which I was looking forward to. A day which I would learn and enjoy at the same time. But before which, I did some last minute rejigging of my script and rehearsed it again and again. I remembered a key lesson in public speaking - failure to prepare is to prepare to fail.
It was a fanastic event. The competition was keen. The speeches and evaluations were top-notched. While I did have jitters during the announcement of the contest results, I knew that I was already a winner by walking out of my comfort zone to take part in the contest. I was enthralled to be the 3rd winner in the speech contest.
I was an introvert. I joined Toastmasters to improve my public speaking skills so that I could sleep at ease when I needed to do a presentation at work. The Toastmasters did that and more. It transforms me into a better person learning from ordinary people with extraordinary stories to share. Thank you!

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