Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lessons from Mount Everest, I

I was sieving through my piles of notes and I chanced upon a postcard size flyer from Everest Motivation Team Pte Ltd, I attended a seminar by its founder, David Lim, Chief Motivation Officer, Author, coach and mountaineer.

I found the materials in the postcard uplifting and useful. Tonight, I will like to share with my readers the lessons from Mount Everest - key skills and mindsets in succeeding in anything that you do.

1. Create Crystal Clear Outcomes:what can YOU do to create an exciting future reality that you can imagine, live and breathe right now in terms of your goals.

Having a goal in life is very importance. Yet how many of you dare say that you have one. I was drifting my life aimlessly until I read the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill. My dear readers, think hard today of what you want to be in life.

2. Find What You Need
In many cases YOU have all that you need in terms of determination and stamina to achieve if it is the right goal for you. For more complex tasks your best assets are the RIGHT people: Those with the five C's: Commitment, Competence, Compatibility, Communcations, and Courage.

While I agree with David that we all have what we need in terms of determination and stamina to achieve. The definition of the right goal here is rather fuzzy. I believe that one should know what is the driving force behind his or her ultimate goal in life. For me, my children are my driving force. My goal in life is intricately linked to proving to them that determination is the key to success. We can achieve great dreams as long as we put our heart and soul into it. For readers who are animafans, Naruto is my hero. He represents the type of person whom I aspire to be. He is who he is today because of the hardwork and his sheer refusal to give up.

3. Failure is Never Final
Instead, failure gives lessons to succeed more convincingly the next time.

I will like to add that failure is never final as long as we keep on trying.


I will share with you more in part 2 of this blogpost. For now, think of what is your ultimate goal in life.

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