Friday, October 30, 2009

I was the Best Speaker in Oct 09!

It is said that practice, practice, practice is everything when it comes to delivering a good speech. In fact, this mantra is true for everything that one wants to exceed in.

After more than one and a half year of learning to speak well by doing, I am beginning to see some results of my hardwork. Notwithstanding that it is the process of learning that is the most important, the ribbon is like a pat on one's back.

And yes, the Toastmasters experience has made the learning process to be a better speaker and leader, such a wonderful one. The meeting has a special place in my heart. I am always raring to attend my club meeting as I know that I will enjoy good fellowship with other toastmasters, friends and guests who are all there to learn and give encouragement. Not only do I never fail to have a fun and fulfilling time, I always return home inspired to put in more time to prepare for my next speech, next role and to do even better the next time round.

Things I learnt in Oct 09's Meeting

In my Oct club meeting, I have also taken on the role of Toastmaster of the Day (TMD). The key role of TMD is to be the genial host and to provide a structure to the meeting. It is definitely not a walk in the park to be the chief control officer of the meeting. This is the format which I have followed in my last meeting:

- Greetings, it is indeed my pleasure and privileged to be the TMD.
- There are __ parts to our meeting. Part 1 comprises the opening speech by our Club President followed by the prepared speech section. There are __ speeches today. (Elaborate on who is doing what.) Thereafter, we will go for a short refreshment break. After the break, we will proceed to Part 2 which is the evaluation section. Followed by the Table topics section.
- Without further ado, let us put our hands together to welcome our Club President for the opening address.
- Thank you, Club President.
- Now, we will proceed to the prepared speech section. The first speaker is xxx. He or she is doing XXX, speech title. To request for the speech evaluator to read out the objectives of the speech. Thereafter explain the timing sequence.
- Move on to Part 2, 3. To use similar format.

Next time round, I will try to inject some humor when doing the transition. And that will call for some quick thinking on the feet. Fret not, I could polish up this skill by volunteering to speak at the Table Topics Section which I have done so this time round :) I could not have done it without the encouragement of fellow toastmasters.

Some beautiful phrases which I have picked up:
- full of oneself
- unnerving experience
- brutality of life that lent a vivid insight to ...
- nurturing the fighting spirit
- defacto leader
- DNA - Discipline and Attitude
- sharp ears, large eyes, meticulous mind
- a rattle and a click
- what ills my car has

Some table topics questions for thought:
- Power of love is ...
- My dreams are ...
- If I were the President of Singapore, I will ....
- Laughter is the best medicine. Do you agree?
- What is your favorite vacation.
- The side fo me, nobody knows.
- Time is like a river. [This is how ATMS/CL M Chandran tackled this topic. I only managed to jot down the key points but I liked it and thought that he has handled the topic very well. Here it goes:
Time is like a river which flows. So we should not dwell on our mistake. Instead, we should let the past die a natural death. Before time kills us, we must kill time. ... Actors in the stage of time as what Shakespeare once said."]

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