Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wild, Wild Wet

My boy's journal:

It was wild. It was wet. We were wowed by Wild, Wild Wet.

On a sweltering hot Saturday, my parents brought us to Singapore's famous water theme park, Wild, Wild Wet. I knew we were there when I spotted a giant Ferris wheel attached to a building.

Once there, my brother and I quickly dashed to the entrance and changed into our swimming trunks while my parents were trailing our fading backs. Our first stop was the water playground. This was not the usual run-out-of-mill payground. There was water sloshing around as we loved it.

Next, we enjoyed gazing at the passing clouds on our floats in the gliding river. Though our bottoms were on the float and our body curled up like a flower, it was actually a pretty comfortable position.

After a cool relaxing drift in the river, we went to another station. It felt as if the storm was brewing. The waves were big and strong. No, the weather was beautiful. It was just that we were at the wave pool. My brother loved the wave pool as he could fight the waves. We donned on the colourful life jackets before jumping into the pool.

We knew that it was time to bid goodbye to Wild, Wild Wet when he heard our tummies grumbling and rumbling. We headed to the nearby restaurant to have our dinner. It was really a very enjoyable day!

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