Saturday, September 26, 2009

Speech Writing, Part 2

Transition Markers

Clear writing requires that communications to be understandable in a single rapid reading.

One way to ensure your writing meets this standard is to make your material coherent. That is, ensure your ideas flow together logically.

Coherence means more than just connecting your sentences mechanically. It means that the way your connect your ideas reflects the relationship between them. Words and phrases called transitional markers establish this relationship.

To make your writing effective, you must choose the transitional marker that reflects the relationship you want to establish. Listed below are words or phrases you can use to help you transit from one idea to another grouped by the relationship they establish between ideas.

You can use these transition markers within sentences, between sentences, and between paragraphs. The result will be that your reader will be able to follow your ideas as they flow from one to another.

To Show


again / also / and then /besides
/finally / first, second, third, etc. / further /equally important
/further / furthermore / in addition /last
/likewise / moreover / next /too

Cause and Effect

hence / consequently / accordingly / in short
/therefore / then / thus / truly


likewise / in a like manner / similarly


after all / although this may be true / I admit / even though
/naturally / at the same time / of course


after all / at the same time / and yet / although true
/but / on the other hand / for all that / in spite of
/still yet / in contrast nevertheless / notwithstanding
/however / on the contrary/

Time Relationships

after a short time / afterwards / as long as / as soon as / at last
/at length / at that time / before / earlier / at the same time
/immediately / lately / meanwhile / of late / in the meantime
/later presently / shortly / since / soon
/temporarily / thereafter / thereupon until / when / while

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