Saturday, September 5, 2009

This is Maths! Part 1

I dunno why my mind always stray and wander.

Today, I want to clear the misconception about those who major in Mathematics.

Many people thought that those who major in Maths, are number crunchers. That is actually a misconception. Maths in university level is about logical thinking.

Eg. A is B's relative, B is C's relative so A is C's relative. [Recall: A => B, B => C then A=> C]

A dog has four legs. But a four-legged creature is not necessarily a dog. [Recall A => B doesn't necessarily mean B => A]

Gosh, I think I will make a damn good Maths teacher, ahem :P

Then I remembered my Maths professor once told me that in the past, mathematicans were employed by your majesty to entertain the king in an intellectual way. now, I know why my mind always stray - 'cos if I dun the king may slay me....

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