Saturday, July 18, 2009

Primary 2 - English Composition

An Accident from Pretence

It was early on Sunday morning, Jason was watching a tlevision programe, "Superman". Mesmerised by the show, he wanted very much to be like the hero. So he drapped a red old cloth as his cape and pretended to be "Superman".

Next, he climbed up the chair and attempted to fly, but "Superman" he was not and he ended up hitting his head on the floor.

"PAIN! PAIN!" he wailed as he burst into tears. Upon hearing his cries, his sister, Jane came to comfort him. Blood was oozing down his head as he had a deep cut on his forehead.

After cleaning his wond and applying a plaster, Jane showed Jason a newspaper article about a boy who pretended to be "Superman". The boy was wearing a piece of cloth as cape. He opened and jumped out of the window. Instead of flying, he fell and crashed onto the groundfloor to his death. Jason promised that he would not do it again.

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