Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dictation for Term 3 and 4

These are the dictation passages for Primary 2.

T3 W3 Dictation 1
It was a sunny and windy day. Jill and Ling went to the East Coast Park. There were many people at the park. The girls headed for the beach to pick seashells for their Art lesson.

T3 W4 Dictation 2
My daddy bought me a skate scooter. I was so happy! But he wants me to be very careful when I ride on the skate scooter. He told me to wear a helmet.

T3 W6 Dictation 3
Early on Monday morning, Dan rushed out of his flat to go to school. In his hurry, he forgot to bring his house keys with him. He only realised it after the front door was slammed shut.

T3 W8 Dictation 4
Mr Lee was dressed in a black T-shirt and blue jeans. He was also wearing a blue cap with red stripes. He is a tanned Chinese man and has a moustache on his face.

T3 W10 Dictation 5
Jason saw a little girl, about two years old, at the bottom of the pool. He dived in and pulled her up. Luckily, the little girl started crying. She was all right. Just then, the little girl's mother dashed to her side.

T4 W2 Dictation 6
Ming comes from a poor village. He spends his time looking for food thrown away by the fruit and vegetable sellers. Once, he spotted some ripe bananas near the dustbin. Quick as flash, he picked them up.

T4 W4 Dictation 7
During the holidays, Jenny and her brothers visited their aunt. The children took a taxi to her house. Their aunt was preparing some food for them. Jenny looked forward to her aunt's delicious meal.

T4 W6 Dictation 8
There was a big crowd at the shopping centre. A woman had fainted as the place was very hot and stuffy. A passer-by dialled 995 and an ambulance arrived shortly. The woman was sent to the hospital.

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