Monday, July 6, 2009

Lost in The Shopping Mall

This is an essay adapted from a primary 2 school student.
On a bright and sunny day, Jack and his mother went to a shopping mall in Tiong Bahru to buy a present for Jack.

In the shopping mall, Jack was amazed to see many shops selling toys. As he walked along the corridor outside the shops, his eyes feasted on the fascinating toys on display at a shop. A transformer - Bumble Bee, on offer caught his attention. He let go of his mother's hand and stood in front of Bumble Bee, wishing that his mother could buy it for him. When he turned around to tell his mother to buy it, she was gone! "Where is mother?" the thought flashed in his mind and he burst into tears. His cries filled the whole shopping mall and he was so frightened. When his mother heard his cries, she hurried back to the toy store to look for Jack.

True enough, she found Jack! Both mother and son were so happy and hugged each other. His mother heaved a sigh of relief. Jack told his mother what he wanted. He was so excited when his mother agreed to buy the toy for him.

Jack has learnt his lesson well. From that day onwards, he did not dare to go out of his mother's sight without her knowledge again.