Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wild Wild Wet

The final year examination is finally over! Another bonus - last Monday was the Festival of Lights - hee, we saw light at the end of the examination tunnel in a sense.

That called for some celebration. So on Monday, the Lim family celebrated in swimsuit style at Wild Wild Wet, Singapore's biggest water theme park at Pasir Ris.

We arrived slightly before the theme park was open at 10 am, picking up the time slack with some munching for Papa Lim who refused to tuck in wholemeal bread at home and the rest changing into our swimming gears all ready for the water action.

When the clock struck 10, my two boys could barely contain their excitement. They dashed towards the gantry and made their way to the "Shiok River" leaving their darling daddy behind, busily packing our stuff into the locker. And mummy? That's me. I too, forsook daddy, hurrily behind the fast fading backs of the two boys. I managed to catch up with them and got them to don on the free life jackets that came in various sizes. These jackets were widely available throughout the theme park, together with clear instructions printed on colorful signpost.

P was the first to grab the doughnut float and glided in the "Shiok River". Mummy and R were still trying to find a way to get onto the float. Before long, daddy joined in. The Lim family then laid on the floats and watched the clouds drifted past. It was quite a relaxing ride to go with the flow and let the river carry us around the 335 m perimeter of the park.

Of course, kids being kids would not be satified with seeing the world drift past. They wanted action. And action they had with the "Ular-Lah" raft slide. The last time, we came, Ryan did not meet the minimum height. This time he cleared this time round! We climbed up at stairs to the at least 3-storey tall building and joined other companions on an inflated circle-shaped raft that seat 5 persons, down a flume. Together, we braved the rapids but not before screaming out our hearts - okie, more for me as I was one timid rat.

After the "Ular-Lah" which had my heart lodged in my mouth during the short probably less than 2 minutes ride, I decided to do some less thrilling stuff. This included being the child minder while P and R had fun at the water playground, with a number of scientific-looking fixtures appealing to the kids.

Our last stop was at "Tsunami". Names could be misleading. Tsunami was not one of those heart-stopping thrill rides, it was essentially a wave pool. As it was in a controlled environment there was no choppy currents, so we were there just to hit out at the waves as they came crashing in.

After two hours of fun, the Lim family was exhausted. While our hearts would want to continue, our water-sagged skins shrieked no. But, with so much fun and Wild Wild Wet just in Singapore, you bet we will be back again...

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