Saturday, October 25, 2008

Memories Triggered by "Monster" Trucks

A friend of mine forwarded me some pictures of a tremendous truck, which someone coined the term "Garbage Truck". However, we cannot judge a truck by its exterior. The interior turned out to be a cosy home - fully furnished and complete with all creature comfort.

See for yourself:

Seeing these pictures brought back fond memories of my frequent family road trips in the States. When we were moving from state to state, we will look out for motels on the road. And yes, there were these "monster" trucks on the highway as my elder boy called them as they were well, so monstrously big.

At the Tourist Centre which is usually located at the border of the state, we will pick up A4 booklets printed on recycled paper and scout for discount coupons. At times, we could save quite a fair bit by staying in pretty high-class "hotel" at low, low motel rates. It was during those times that we stayed in Quality Hotel. Not bad, hence, we decided to patronise the one near Balestier Road (Singapore, this time round :)

It was also at that time that the famous US highway really hit us, it is huge and it has many arteries linking to the different parts of US. When you watch US movies, they often quote Route 66. And yes, we used the Historic Route 66 in Arizona to take in the breath-taking scenary.

See the vastness of nature made me feel the insignificance of an individual. I had a taste of what the Americans held so closely to their heart - freedom. Life is short, I want to live my life my way. And I will define success my way.

Now that I am in Singapore, I suppose I should start exploring West Malaysia with our trusted four-wheeler. Something which we have already started with our not-so-frequent (remember, it's all relative :) driving trips to Johor Baru.

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