Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Doing Nothing

Recently, I am clearing my leave at times for the whole day - AM to coach my boy whose examination is around the corner and PM - to do nothing. Yes, to do NOTHING. This is often regarded as a luxury in the fast-paced Singapore, where time is such a scarce commodity.

Well, I have been keeping my "nothing" time quite busy initially. With the financial turmoil still brewing, I took the opportunity to take stock of my investment to-date. In a sense, this financial meltdown is a good wake-up call to me who have started to venture into structured investment products and stocks etc. Tempted by greed, I have started to put in some money into these high-risk products without knowing much about them. Another emotion that ran high during period was fear. Overwhelmed by fear when I learnt that AIG was on the verge of collapse a few weeks ago, I wanted to take leave to join the queue to terminate my policies. Luckily, my fear was tamed by the assurance of MAS that AIA has enough assets to remain standing. So instead of taking leave to queue, I read the fine-prints to have a better understanding of what I was into.

Next, calm or should I say emptiness set in. It is strange that when I was working, I often lamented that time was not enough. However, when time was no concern, I did not know what I should do. It seemed that I did not have any hobbies to fill the void. Then I decided that it was okie to let my hair down and just relaxed. So off, I went to go for my long over-due facial appointment and shopped for X'mas presents. I guessed I still time to get over with just letting time idle away...

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