Monday, June 2, 2008

What should I do this school holiday?

Yes, school is out. But strangely, I am lost as to where should our family go this holiday. The wanderlust in me seems to have wandered away.

Most Recent Overseas Holiday in Oct 2007

The last time that our family travelled together was last Oct to Hong Kong. More so for the boys where we went to Ocean Park and Disneyland. But it was not really a "whoah" kind of experience as we have visited Disneyland in Orlando. The one in Hong Kong was small in comparison. Nonetheless, kids being kids always love imagination and theme parks are their best friends, no matter how many times they have been there.

Yes, no shopping for us. Through the years as Singapore becomes more cosmopolitan, we have also lost our zest for a good buy. Look at it this way, it is only a good buy if you need it. Often, we shop for the sake of shopping and end up with tons of things that we just stack them in our storeroom. That's really a bad idea. I guess another perk of no shopping is to be able to travel light with the boys around minus the hassle of running after the disinterested boys who are out to find their own adventure.

What Should Be a Holiday?

To me, there is a new meaning to travel - to take a breather and prepare for the next semester. In the very distant past, it meant having a time-out for myself. But now, going on a holiday is actually not a break to me, as I will need to take care of the boys. It's not fun to be a stranger in a strange place when they throw their tandrums! In addition, I will really need this extra time to plan for more fun learning activities to help my boys buck up in a more relaxed timing.

Hence, I have decided that for this June holiday, we shall stay and explore the uniquely Singapore. And yes, it also means helping Perry to pull up his socks so that he will be better prepared to meet the new challenges of the new semester. For Ryan, I will want to focus on his phonics where his progress has been less than desirable.

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