Friday, June 27, 2008

Essay Writing

Yesterday, P came back from his creative writing and comprehension class with two essays. I must say that I was and still am impressed. He wrote two pieces of good work on the same set of pictorials to guide him. 

The first thing, I did was to give him a pat on his back. 

"P, this are two magnificent pieces of work!" I commented. "Tell me, how do you do that?"

"Mum, are you jealous?" He regaled and obviously pleased with the compliment. Then he explained that the teacher gave them a sample of how they should write. Next, she asked them to think of ideas. For those who had ideas, they could write them down. As for those without, they could take a look at the sample and think of how to write.

Simple method but effective. I spotted some grammatical errors and asked him to correct them. Guess what, P told me he would like to write another essay. Why? It was fun. He stayed up last night until 10.30 pm to complete his another piece of work. The latest piece was just as brilliant as the first! I have sought his permission to post his piece of work on my blog and here it is:

" It was a very hot and very boring Sunday afternoon. R was bored. He thought to himself "What shall I do?"

R decided to play with fire. He put a lot of newspapers on the table. Then he struck a matchstick. The newspapers caught fire.

Suddenly, the fire became bigger and bigger. R was frightened. He could not put out the fire. He dashed to look for his sister, A.

She quickly got a pail of water. She dashed to the fire and put it out. A scolded R. R promised not to play with fire again."

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