Saturday, November 23, 2013

Verdict Day

It must have been the coming of age. There was no tossing and turning the night before. Life was as per normal. There was no anticipation. It was just another day with multiple verdicts to be revealed.

This could possibly be due to the travails of life. I have gone through a number of disappointments in life. My initial feelings have transited from disbelief, denial to acceptance and moving on. Worrying over split milk would not change the outcome. Life would still go on. Often good outcome does not guarantee a happily ever-after ending. Life is a journey that one needs to constantly learn from it. In a sense, it has made me more forward-looking. Instead of asking why certain thing happen, I ask how should we move on from here. 

Verdict 1 was the prognosis of my mother's surgery. After months of groping in the dark over her unexplained discomfort, light was finally cast on the cause. At first, it was thought to be a run-of-the-mill issue. However, there was a more deep-rooted matter which required a minor surgery. As each event unfolded, we took it in our stride.

It was good news. Her surgery was a resounding success and she was firmly on the road to better health. My mom was visibly relieved that she finally relented to have lunch together. My mother is a home person who would prefer to eat at home than out anytime.

Verdict 2 was P's PSLE results. The months of mugging was condensed into a number. Lim's family was behind him no matter what happen. He turned in a decent report card. I felt that he could have done better. For the past year, I have been trying to push him for him to reach his potential. However I can only do so much insofar he is willing to carry his own weight. While PSLE was over, I hope P could learn from this episode. Of course, I would always be there for him.

With these outcomes known, we have also settled our year-end holiday plan.   We managed to head down to the GPS service centre to loan the country map.

Thereafter we did what family do together when parents were on leave - play. It was another day of cycling and swimming. It was topped off with a heartwarming family dinner at a western restaurant where we tucked in merrily.

Indeed, verdict day or not, the choice is with us to be or not to be happy.

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