Sunday, March 20, 2011

Xiangqi Competition

The March 2011 holiday was kicked off by the 16th "Char Yong Cup" Students Xiangqi Championships. It was the much-awaited event by my elder boy, P who was a Xiangqi enthusiast. This was the second year in the running that we registered P for the competition at his request.

We chanced upon the yearly event when we were at a Community Club. I was taken aback when P who usually shunned such events indicated his interest. Last year, he was pretty discouraged after losing two games though he did win one. However, competition is more than a test of skill, it is also a test of one's mental prowess. Hence, we were not surprised when P went into a losing streak as he became more impatient in his game. We reminded P that victory is never final as long as we learn from our mistakes and keep trying.

This year, he has improved by leaps and bounds. He managed to stay cool for the entire 7 games and won 3. Not too bad a feat for a child as the entire event lasted more than 3 hours.

There has also been much father and son bonding as his daddy will be there giving debrief to P on what he could have do better after each game. In a sense, I suppose the interest to play Chinese Chess runs in the Lim family.

Hmm, I have better also pulled up my socks on the game as there are times when P and R insist to play with mummy to have a winning chance...

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