Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stay True to Your Dreams

Recently, I have not been able to blog as much as I wish, to read as extensively as I used to, to attend Toastmasters meeting, to practise my piano and the list goes on.

Though it is a cliche, I will still say it nothing is constant but change. Change brings uncertainty and is disruptive. Yet, I love change for its challenges. With each mountain of challenge which I conquer, a wider expanse of view presents in front of me. Yet, admittedly, it is a daunting journey.

I wanted to quit my various activities. But the fighting spirit in me to never give up prevails. In the end, I decide to go slower on these activities - taking one step in two months is a giant leap compared to stopping altogether.

Of course, I started these activities with a dream. The propelling force is my wish to prove my children that challenges are meant to be conquered. Reading makes a more knowledge man. Writing forces one to organise his thoughts in a cogent manner. Toastmasters programme hones one's presentation and leadership skills. Piano trains one's left and right brain, and it is also my childhood dream to be able to play the piano.

Dear readers, I hope you too have a dream and set your benchmark high. It's better to die trying and not to try at all. The process of trying will make one stronger and a better man. Stay true to your dreams too!

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