Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rustic Charm at Sebana in April 2010

Our family went for a short two-day jaunt during the weekend in April 2010 to Sebana Resort in Desaru. Located at the southernmost tip of Malaysia, Sebana Resort boasts an impressive sprawling grounds with magnificant marina view to boot.

This time round, I took opportunity to take more photos of the surrounding to share with my readers.

The above was a picture of the resort which our family put up at. It was obvious that the grand dame has seen better times as it still exuded the grandeur of yesteryear.

The interior did not disappoint either. It was simple and tastefully designed. The splendor view which brought Mother Nature up close and personal, soothed my urbanite's soul the instant I set my eyes on it.

Perhaps, human being is often short on unpleasant memories but long on nostalgia. We were quickly reminded by the leaflets on the side tables that amid the tranquility of nature, mosquitoes were lurking outside. With the bloodsucking insects being the bane of the existence of city dwellers, we resisted the temptation to open the windows for a breath of fresh air. Notwithstanding, we felt that we had become one and in harmony with Mother Nature.

Venturing outside of our room and into the other compound of Sebana Resort, we slathered liberally our skin with mosquito repellant - better to be safe than itchy.

The long jetty on the left would lead to a rounded tip whereby hotel guests could loan fishing rods from the guest relations office and wait patiently to see what rich marine life lived in the sea.

The right picture was my favorite photograph of our trip. The rainbow after the passing shower was in full arch.

On the whole, Sebana Resort scores high on being rustic and simple. Its strategic location at the tip of Malaysia and beautiful landscape are hard to beat. No doubt, these are things of beauty, no matter how weather-beaten the structures are. But to a true-blue city dweller, I would be looking forward to some major sprucing up to give this old dame a good facelift.

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