Monday, March 22, 2010

Use of Association in Writing

Allow me to share with you on how to write using the same information but with a humorous twist.

This form of writing is writing via association - memory that does not stick is akin to Post-It pad - falling off from the surface without leaving a mark.


The Most Unforgetable Day

I wish I could forget my most unforgetable day. Afterall, I had a sloppy memory and that was what that landed me in hot soup. My head was like a Post-It pad. Things only stick and will fall off from its surface without leaving a mark.

"What are your socks?" My mother demanded as she rummaged frantically the bag of soiled clothings from the student care. I looked at her sheepishly and whimpered "I don't know..."

Of course, that was not all. As the saying goes "it never rains but pours", more unfortunate things unfolded when we reached home in the evening. My mother was fuming when she found that I had misplaced my wallet. Frankly, I had absolutely no idea where I left it - Post-It note does not leave any mark, yes? My panic quotient was beeping fast and furious as my mother's patience ran thin. The last straw was when she realised that I had spoilt my less-than-a-week old mechancial pencil by poking it at erasers. I was given the "face-the-wall" punishment - to reflect and repent - which led to this little journal.

I knew I brought this upon myself. Since there is both the non-sticky Post-It Pad and the topnotch-bonding SuperGlue in this world, I should also have both the nonchalant and serious personalities. And instead of the wall, I am seriously taking a hard look to remember where I put my things.

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