Friday, November 20, 2009

Playing the Piano

It is a dream comes true! Gosh, I am now able to read music score and play the piano, albeit simple songs. Not only that, my whole family of four have to take turns for our daily practice session.

And I forget to mention that sitting on the bench and playing the ebony and ivory keys can be so therapetic. It is such a wonderful feeling as the body moves with the tempo of the music which is produced instantaneously at the strike of the finger.

It is also an interesting reversal of role as my elder boy becomes our music tutor in the family. Proudly, he will point out to us that instead of crochet, we have played a minim, or a dotted minim instead of semibreve. At the same time, he also generously dishes out advice on how to remember the music notes. For example, the little tip that for bass cleft, "F" note is in between the two dots of the bass cleft symbol. Another tip is that the position of the "C" note for bass cleft and treble cleft being mirror image with the third line as the reference line.

Ha, he has forgotten how much agony he has gone through when he was the first in our family to be schooled in music. That is one main reason why he has taken three long years and not taken his practical examination yet, though he has managed a merit for his Grade 1 theory. Now that the whole family has joined the fray, there is so much fun in learning.

Hey, don't jump queue, it's my turn to play now!

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jacker31975 said...

I know you are quite excelent at this but there is a note that is bothering me. According to the chart that you have on this blog it is a d. I was wondering if you could play it for me. I would greatly appreciate it if you e-mail is thank you once again.