Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Weekly Ritual

I am told that if we can just set aside a little bit of our time each day, we are on the journey to great things.

It sounds simple and easy enough. Afterall, what's so difficult to squeeze half an hour each day. However, the problem comes with one has so much interests that one will get pretty stressed out by allocating a small amount of time each day.

Allow me to list down my weekly ritual:

(1) In order to have home-cooked dinner every night after work, I have to wake up even earlier on Saturday to do marketing and the preparations for the week ahead. Thereafter, I have to forego an hour of lazying on the bed and instead trying real hard to find my way in my bleary eyes.

(2) By the time, I am fully awakened after the cooking of the meal, I set aside about half an hour each morning to read the daily newspaper. Weekend is reserved for reading with an eye for creative writing techniques and new words. That is the best way to build up one's language skills.

(3) To have a regular exercise routine, I do it during my lunch hour. So while my colleagues are having a leisure one hour catching up session, I am too but catching up on the treadmill.

(4) Once home after work, besides the mundane housework that accompanied having a home-cooked dinner, there is homework supervision to be done for my two boys. Then I need to teach my younger boy phonics.

(5)Being a toastmaster also means setting aside time each month to craft out a speech and rehearse before the monthly club meeting.

(6)To have quality time with my husband, I need to hit out at the golf course. It is not that I love to play golf but that's almost the only time I can have a good talk with him.

(7) I also need to set aside some time each week, to collect my thoughts and to post in my blog.

Hmm, I can see that I have already a number of items on my plate.

It is no wonder that I was struggling to maintain a new routine of exercising my vocal cords and learning piano by squeezing half an hour each day. By the end of two weeks, I am very exhausted. Slowly, I drop the first item off my to-do list. For the second, instead of a daily event, it becomes every other day. Time to sit down and plan realistically....

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