Sunday, August 23, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

To win a trophy is an affirmation of one's hardwork, an achievement of sorts, and most importantly of all, to spur one to greater heights.

Readers would have read in my earlier post that I have taken more challenge in my journey to improve to be a better public speaker. I found that the shortest time to do so is to take part in competition. And this I did at my club's humorous speech and evaluation contest held just yesterday. It was a lot of work, a lot of stress and a lot of unexpected. I was busy with my work. I was stressed as I was juggling so many things. There were unexpected work that came along the way. But this was life and this was reality. While I could jolly well raise a white flag, I refused to do so without a fight.

I was glad I did as along the way, my mentor chipped in and sent me so much information on how to prepare and deliver a humorous speech, how to do a good evalution. Yetti, if you are reading this, a very BIG thank you.

It was in my wildest dream that I could do a presentation without my quavering voice. Now the unthinkable has become a pleasant reality. To add icing onto the cake, I was actually the first-runner up for the humorous speech and lo and behold, the champion for speech evaluation. Being the champion for speech evaluation also means that I am in the coveted position to represent my club and compete at the next level in Sep 09. I will be spending more time reading and doing how to evaluate a speech.

No words can adequately express my gratitude. But I shall try. Thank you Toastmasters' Clubs and the many friends whom I have made, you are such superb people that make such a stupendous change in me. As action speaks louder than words, I shall work hard to prepare for the contest next month. Wish me luck :)

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