Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Challenges Coming Forth

The last few weeks have been a busy, hectic but fulfilling period. I was busy on work front. I needed to do presentation on a back-to-back basis. Work life has been geared towards doing briefing since I returned from the States about three years ago.

I must say that the Toastmasters Program has given me tremendous help to conquer the fear of public speaking. Through the 10 projects in the Competent Communicator module and volunteering in the club activities, I have become more confident and comfortable in speech delivery. Strangely, busy as I was, I actually looked forward to standing in the lectern and speak! It is an opportunity to give all that I have. There is also a great sense of achievement.

Just a few days ago, I agreed to take part in my club's coming humorous speech and evaluation contest. Today, I shall be scratching my head to think of what to talk and to prepare for both segments - humorous speech and evaluation. To those who want to conquer the fear of public speaking, look around for a nearby toastmaster club. It's the best gift that you can give to yourself! And wish me luck for my new challenges ahead :)

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