Friday, April 24, 2009

There is no coincidence, only inevitiablity

This is the haiku about writing by a fellow toastmaster which I have the privilege to read about.

The pain of writing,
Like a mother in labour,
Proud delivery.

How apt! Writing can be quite pain. But if we persevere and go through the excruciating pain, we can cuddle our beautiful baby - our writing, in our arms.

Recently, I came across a phrase in a story, "there is no coincidence in this world, only inevitability." One of the reasons of why I took up Mathematics in varsity was my poor grade for English and I wanted to steer as far away from it as possible.

Yet look at me today, I love to write ... not in symbols but English! If not for my early struggles with the subject, I will not have known so many wonderful people to help me along the way - not just in my language but also in the way I should lead my life.

These are not coincidences, they are the inevitabilities that life has laid out for me. With each hurdle that I have crossed, I am more confident of myself. And yes, I firmly believe that human potential is limitless.

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