Friday, April 10, 2009

A Delightfully Good Friday

There are many ways to learn. I have read in a book on Sun Tze Art of War that the 5 "I"s of Japan's phenominal rise in the world stage included:
1. I - Imitate
2. I - Improvise
3. I - Improve
4. I - Innovate
5. I - Invent

So before we become proficient in anything, we have to imitate. This is somewhat like a "leapfrog" technique as one can avoid the pitfalls of his predecessors. Hence, I am trying out to write from the eyes of my elder son, to interest him to pick up a pen and well, imitate. In the process, he could improve on the writing and develop his own writing style in time to come.

A Delightfully Good Friday

There was no school on Friday, 10 April. It was good as the name suggested "Good Friday", which was a public holiday. So it was not just no school for me but also no work for daddy and mommy.

Just as all work and no fun made Jack a dull boy, good fun on Good Friday brought sparks to my otherwise monotonous day. I lived my dream on Friday without the loud, commanding voice of my daddy to wake up before the break of dawn. It was only close to 8 am when I opened my eyes with a smile in my face after a satisfying long sleep. My brother, Ryan was awakened also. After our morning routine, we played our toys for two terrific hours before our rumbling stomachs groaned for food.

We headed to Marina Square to indulge in the delights of New Zealand right here in Singapore. Jack's Place was promoting their special main courses centered around New Zealand cuisine. My parents ordered the Kiwi Feast Combo while my brother and I settled for the kids' meal. While waiting for our food, we had fun reading the promotional flyer on the table. My eyes widened as I read that New Zealand's population was about 4.2 mil, slightly smaller than 4.8 mil in Singapore. But its land area was about 270,000 square kilometers. That was close to a whopping 40 times bigger than Singapore's land area at 710 square kilometers. Another fascinating fact, New Zealand has more sheeps - 70 mil, than people!

After loading up with sustenance, it was time for some action. We proceeded to fourth level at Suntec City where we had some open space to ourselves complete with air-conditioning. Here, we fold our paper aeroplanes and had a flying aeroplane competition. After some flying fun, we came up gliding seaplane contest. This was how the game was to be played. Our paper aeroplanes now took on the role of seaplanes and each was placed on the starting line. Each player then sprinted from behind before giving a kick to the seaplane which would then glide on the floor. The seaplane which travelled the farthest would be the winner. Everyone was a winner as we had so much fun and laughter.

When perspiration ran down our heads and fatigue crept in, it was time to go home. I loved Good Friday for the sheer good old fun of running around and playing with my family.

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