Monday, December 8, 2008

Year-end Holidays

For those who are awaiting this latest blog, apologies, I am very busy preparing for yet another road trip to Malaysia.

Yes, the year-end holidays are back. The Lim family welcome this with much gusto. We have not been on an aeroplane as a family on a vacation for a long time. It is not that the wanderlust has drifted away. Rather, we have found a pot of gold at our backyard.

Two weeks ago, we went to Malacca and Kuala Lumpur. A few days back, I was back to Johor for a golfing one-day trip. While I am still an amateur, I could definitely enjoy the lush landscape at the golf course. It is very relaxing especially on a weekday where we could have the golf course entirely for ourselves. Weekends are quite stressful as the course will be packed and one will have to speed up play. The latter is quite a feat for me who could manage at best more than 50 m but below 100 m with my 7-iron. Hence, I would need many more strokes before hitting on the green.

It is not just Malaysia. There is also much to explore in our uniquely Singapore. We have just been to the Science Centre yesterday. More new exhibits were up. One of which was the on-the-edge technology. I meant electronic. Recalled Tom Cruise action movies on Mission Impossible sequel, we had the agents using their hands to control the cursor. Keyboard and mouse were things of the past. Hey, this scene no longer belongs to our imagination but it's a reality! We also saw a plasma tv but showing 3-dimensional pictures. Amazing.

Tomorrow, the Lim family will be on yet another road trip up north. We have done much groundwork to map out the way to go there and also prepared for contingencies. Wish us a safe and happy journey :)

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