Sunday, August 17, 2008

Stress Management, Beijing Olympics and More

With examination just round the corner and the Beijing Olympics in full swing, I shall blog about stress management in this post.

I have read somewhere and in fact it is common knowledge that stress is a normal part of life and a certain amount of stress can be positive. Of course, different people react to stress differently. There are some who just enjoy the thrill of meeting a new challenge and seeking out situation to stretch themselves. A challenge can be both beneficial and stimulating, while having too little work or responsibility can be just as stressful as having too much.

Different people also react differently to the pressures of life. How one perceives and responds to events and changes affects the level of stress that one will encounter. In this respect, I have taught my boy today the equation that has served me well up to now. That is, "Event + Response = Outcome". While we cannot control the event, we can control our response. Together, they will determine the outcome.

No other place is this played out more prominently than in the arena of sports. Like many Singaporeans, my eyes were transfixed on our table tennis team players as they played hard to win for Singapore a place in the Beijing Olympics. Their competition with the Korean team made my heartbeat race and my blood pressure shoot a few notches up. The stupendous performance by Michael Phelps - breaking the shackles of human limitations, has also left me awestruck.

All these made me realise that it is not just about physical prowess but more importantly, mental power - how one manages stress especially when the entire country's hopes are pinned so heavily on his or her shoulders.

Jiayu, Singapore table tennis team - I believe in you to scale greater heights. We are proud of you!!!

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