Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our Report Card

Last Friday, I was at the meet-the-parent session for Primary 1. The teachers gave me a glimpse of how Perry has been doing for the past 5 months. Yes, time flies. It has been almost half a year since Perry started formal education.

Perry's Progress Thus Far

Perry has definitely become more school-savvy but there is still room for improvement. For one, he is still quite dependant on me to chart the direction on what he needs to do. Just two weeks ago when I was very busy with my work and as a result, I kept a less-than-closer-tab on him. Consequently, he forgot to study for his spelling and his results plummeted.

My Thoughts

For me, it's amazing that I have persevered until now. To tell the truth, it has not been easy to be a full-time working mother and to be the main caregiver to my two children. Of course, there is my husband but more often than not he is too busy in his work bring home the bacon than to be involved in the boys.

Many of my colleagues and friends were often impressed that I seemed to manage the multiple roles so well. The fact is I am learning - one thing a day at a time. The key is to be 100% responsible for your action. Think not of what others could help you but of what you could do to help yourself.

I am a firm believer that everyone has unlimited power. What is important is to unleash this power within you. For the next half of the year, I will help Perry to find the fire within him and to set goals. These are things which are easier said than done. But I will have to do because I believe I can.

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