Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Handicap Test for Golf

Today, my hubby is taking his handicap test for golf and he asks me if I am keen to go for the test.

I am also a golf player - but really just an amateur. I have got a PC which will allow me entry to the golf courses in Singapore. I viewed it really just tell people that hey, I have attended a series of golf lessons by an expert and hence could play the game.

My Golf Lessons

My foray into golf started in late last year more than half a year after my hubby picked up the sports. To me, it was not an easy sport to learn. It took a lot of effort to even hit the ball correctly. The initial months were not so exciting to say the very least.

I was extremely grateful to my hubby for taking care of the boys when I was at Seletar to learn my golf every Saturday morning for three months in a roll. More importantly, he has also taught me that if we want to master something, we have to do whatever it takes.

One of the first things that he did was to buy me a complete Taylor-made golf set - irons, fairway wood, driver, putter. I felt the pinch to buy such a good set for a beginner. Afterall, I wasn't sure if I was cut for the sport. His reply? "When you want to learn something, invest in it. You will work towards it."

We actually spent a bomb to learn the sport - both time and $$$. Not only did we spend our precious weekend at the driving range to perfect our swings, we also went down to golf course to play. The latter was crucial in building up my skill and confidence. While one could do a perfect swing, it was never the same on the golf course. On the ground, we will have to assess the terrain, wind conditions and make our call accordingly.

I Could Actually Play Golf!

Fast-forward to the present, I am proud to say that I could actually do a birdie. Not too bad to a person who has contemplated to dropout after 2 lessons on the sport to cut loss - that was before the more than S$1,500 investment in the golf set. Afterwhich, I just focus on learning golf but I am not ready yet for the handicap test. I guess if I want to do it, I will have to set a timetable to practise golf consistently. Right now, this is not my priority yet....

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