Monday, October 5, 2015

PSLE - Pause, Stop, Live and Explore

What a stark difference two years back and now. Two years back, I was on part-time and balancing career and family. Many of my friends and relatives thought that I was a tiger mother and took the move to supervise my elder boy who was then taking his PSLE.

That was not the main reason. Rather it was my younger boy who was hopping from one student care to another which made me decide that I had to pause and be there for him. I learnt an important lesson in life as a mother - when the child is challenging to handle, others could throw in the white towel but the mother will keep trying. 

My younger boy has always been an attention seeker or rather seeking the attention of yours truly. My youngest brother recalled as a toddler he would cry his heart out, rejecting any water or taking any break, throughout the time when I was away- be it an hour or even two. 

Yet today, he only needs me to be around closer to the examinations. My mere presence gives him comfort and security. In the daytime when he is taking his examination, I am too taking my PSLE. I pause, stop, live in the moment and explore how I should too chart my life forward. 

As both my two boys become more independent, it is also time for me to explore my interest and live for myself. I am on the cusp of my life and I could create splashes to make a more exciting and add rainbow to the world.

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