Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Seven Long Years Ago

Time really flies. It has been seven long years since I packed my bags to a foreign country to start life afresh. It is with much relish that I pack my bags again. This time for a shorter vacation to that land of change.

The stay was short, only a year. Yet the memories were long. Not all were happy but they were all life-changing. I often marvelled in awe of the change in attitude in me - for the better. From one who used to think why I was dealt with a bad hand, I learnt that it was attitude that counted. I used to think that successful ones were lucky. I realised it was how they took on each curve ball that life often threw at us. Perseverance was what I picked up alongside a smile. I would remind myself as what Mother Theresa, once said, God only gave us what we can surmount.

I overcome my fear of public speaking by holding on bull by its horns. I joined a Toastmasters' Club and honed my presentation skills. To improve my writing, I read voraciously and started this blog to share my experiences. My setback in work made me to decide that I needed to work on a secondary source of income. It made me invest my time in such pursue so that I am not held at ransom.

With each door that I open, one door leads to another. I have met many people. Some really successful ones, what struck me was the common thread that binded them - their genuine care for others. I am grateful for their concerns and pray for their well-being.

As I pack my bags to visit the land of change, I muse on the change in me. Life is not easy, I am still learning along the way. But I am grateful for all the obstacles that I have overcome thus far. They make me a better person.

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