Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fabulous Family Fun During Term Break

Today was the last day of the one-week school holiday. The Lim family has a tradition of fabulous fun with the children and this holiday was no exception.

Jolly Doodling

A firm believer of holistic learning, their very innovative mother, that's me has included creative doodling sessions which won much "wows" from my boys. It has also ignited their interest in drawing, especially my younger boy, R. He would be busy drawing once he was done with his dinner after school. Not to mention, it gave me the much needed "me-time" to do my other interest - e.g. reading up and writing my latest blogpost :) That was definitely a big win-win.

This new session was a success and I will continue with it even during school term as all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Movie Treat

Next was a movie treat "Race to Witch Mountain". We brought R to the big screen as P was out of action at his grand aunt's place. In any case, he watched the show with his friends at the student care. R was thrilled but very soon he was exhausted from all the excitement and felt asleep in the cinema. Nonetheless, his parents enjoyed the movie which had a family-appeal, not just for children.

Stupendous Sentosa

Our family had just spent about six hours of action-packed day in Sentosa from 11 am to 5 pm. It had been quite some time since we last visited Sentosa. So long that I could not remember when was the last time we went. But Sentosa has undergone a metamorphosis. As a matter-of-fact, the makeover was still in progress with the very visible hoarding of construction sites of the Resorts World.

Many new activities were added in the island. We tried the "Luge and Skyride". A luge was a part go-cart, part-toboggan ride with a unique steering and braking system - we braked it by pulling the handrail and accelerated by lifting it up. There was a minimum height restriction of 110 cm which R met. Hooray! After we parked the luge, we have to take the skyride back to the starting position. Read this - though the skyride was similar to a cable car as it traveled on a wire, there was no protection from the elements of nature. Feel the breeze when you are at the top of the world but don't look below....

Good old nature activities remained. We explored the jungle trail at Mount Imbiah and Palawan Beach where we crossed the suspension bridge to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. Here we enjoyed nature's beauty with modern facilities.

The Pink Dolphin show did not disappoint. Though this was the upteenth time we have watched the show, it was the first time, we allowed P and R to touch the pink dolphin. And boy, they were elated by the experience. They were also more able to appreciate the vast variety of deep water fish at the Underwater World. Each step was punctuated with their many probing questions about the origins of the sea creatures.

Despite that we have visited the beautiful island quite a few times when we departed, we learnt something new about the isle - not just from new adventures but the bulk from the old attractions. Children are wonderful as they make us do and see things we would otherwise not have so.

And yes, I am looking forward to the next school holiday. But before then, the boys and the parents have to work hard to learn our next trip together.

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