Saturday, January 9, 2010

Take Note of What Your Say

This is a very short post to share on the common words that most people are not aware that they are guilty of repeating.

Most oft-heard are sounds like "Er", "Ah". These are word fillers - i.e. they are there to fill in the pauses. It is okay to have pauses in speeches. Pauses are great for us to think of what to say, create suspense and simply for us to breath.

Unknown to the speakers, word fillers could such a distraction to the listeners.

Here are some of the common words for sharing. Take note of them and do strive to eliminate them from your speech.

- Er, Ah
- Um
- Okay
- Lahs
- So (non-connective)
- And (non-connective)
- You Know
- Say
- I Mean
- Right, Alright
- Word Repetition
- Phrase Repetition
- I Think
- Basically
- Etc, Etc
- Others (Pls fill in)

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