Monday, April 30, 2012

Driving holiday

Driving holiday has become the preferred holiday option for out family. But we did not endear to this option until more than a decade driving in Singapore. There was a psychological barrier when it came to driving long distances and across the border.

This barrier was torn down when we travelled by car in the United States. The longest distance we had done was the drive from Pennsylvannia (East) to California (West) and back again. The whole trip took us 15 days plus some sightseeing. But it was significant as we have proven to ourselves that we could do it with two brawling toddlers (one 4-year old and another 2-year old).

Nowadays we do not think twice about driving up north to Genting Highlands. The trip from Singapore to Genting Highlands took about 6-7 hours (breaks and lunch included). It was pretty mundane, nothing really exciting except if you would to count the nice, rustling scenery on the road. We would be at cloud nine in no time. We would be watching the clouds drifted by from the comfort of our hotel rooms. Hey, this place was not called "Clouds' Top" (the Chinese name) for nothing. If there was a bone to be picked about this place, I would say it is the casino. Because of the crowds it drew, I cannot help but think of the sleazy it brought. That's what parents are for. To protect and guide our offspring.

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