Sunday, November 2, 2008

Perks and Perils of Internet

I could not believe it that I have posted so many articles in my blog since June this year.

I created the blog to keep track of my progress and at the same time, share with others who are in the same boat as I am. When I started this blog, well-meaning friends warned me about the perils of the net. There have been well-published reports in the papers but I decided to go ahead. Just like one sparrow does not mark the beginning of spring, neither does a few black sheeps.

I have met friends through the Internet and they are great. There are also many who fedback to me that they can understand the position that I was once under and found comfort in my postings. These are the perks.

The perils? Recall reports of women trying to find love through the net but ended up being swindled of their hard-earned money? Then there were those unsolicited emails congratulating you of your big-time win which you could not recall where and when you had participated. There was a catch - you needed to wire money to settle the administrative charges which they highlighted were dwarfs compared to the giant sum of money you would receive.

Idealistically, I wish that all out there in the Internet are good and great but this is not practical. So let us all use our common sense to help us navigate this thick forested Internet area.

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